About gelato

The gelato ice cream was born in hot Italy, under a bright sun, in the shadows of trees, between brick lanes and shod small fences, among flowers and fruit. Very long time, nearly half-millennium ago, someone here have thought up this delightful cold dessert and throughout long centuries Italians improved art of preparation of home-made ice cream in small cafes-gelateries.

Italian gelato isn't similar to one ice cream in the world. His unique taste, surprising colour, delightful aroma – it can be felt as far as it is special at the first sight, from the first spoon, from the first touch. Delicate, dense, leaving pleasant weight in a mouth, transferring all brightness of taste! The Italian sorbet-gelato is similar to fruit from which they are created: scintillating oranges, sweet bananas, the cherry poured by the sun, the most delicate peaches…

And, of course, uniqueness of this ice cream is instantly felt cause it's made manually and the master-gelaterye has enclosed sincere love and care in him.

The main difference of Italian gelato from industrial ice cream which we can see every day in shops consists in one thing: gelato is made manually. Every portion is unique. In hands of different gelaterye ice cream of the same grade will differ to taste!

So, some several facts about gelato which should be remembered:

  • Only fresh and mainly natural products are in structure of gelato.
  • Unlike industrial ice cream gelato is calculated on the fast use. It is stored at most three days and many masters "write off" it by the evening and then, the next morning, they offer visitors the freshest and tasty ice cream!
  • The most part of process of gelato production passes manually.
  • In gelato contains much less air than in industrial ice cream: at most 35%.
  • Fat content of gelato is also less than at industrial ice cream: it makes from zero to 11% (at most 10-11%).
  • In the sorbet wich makes on the basis of fruit and berries there are no dairy products.

And there are a little interesting facts about Italian gelato:

  • In Italy, the gelato ice cream is the product occupying more than 55% of the market of ice cream. It's possible to taste it in small family cafes-gelateries.
  • The festival of gelato takes place every May in Florence and it's one of the most tasty and bright Italian holidays. You can't see anything similar in a whole world!
  • Italy is the ice cream's homeland. The first iceman in the history was called Francesco Procopio di Coltelli and he was the Sicilian cook.
  • The first ice-cream bar has been open in 1686 in Paris.
  • Wafer cups for ice cream were thought up by Italo Marconi at the end of the 19th century.