Italian gelato is incredibly tasty dessert. There are twice less air than in classical ice cream therefore his taste is saturated, bright and memorable. The gelato moves at a temperature of-16 degrees, flavoring receptors aren't frozen and perceive the each shade of delicate cream, chocolate, fragrant strawberry or a juicy water-melon.


The gelato ice cream is trained manually from natural milk, cream and sugar with addition of fresh berries, fruit, nuts and chocolate. All useful substances, vitamins and minerals from these products remain in ice cream.

The gelato contains much less fat than factory ice cream – at most 10-11%


The gelato is freshly cooked ice cream. It is made and sold right there. Such ice cream in a show-window is no more than 5-7 days.


The imagination of master-gelaterye is boundless: more than 1000 various grades of gelato are created for this day and new are born constantly.

In assortment of the TUTTO BENE company are creamy grades, yogurt grades and sorbets. Names sound as music: Fior di panna, Strachatella, Amarena, Fragola, Nochchiola … What of them is yours?