In TUTTO BENE outlets milkshakes prepare from fresh milk 3,2% of fat and gelato with addition of toppings (syrups) "Dolce Rosa". Cocktails are released in disposable glasses of 0,3 and 0,5 liters. Cocktail can be made from any grade of the ice cream which is in a show-window.

We represent the most popular cocktails on this page:

  • Bilberry – fashionable lilac color and saturated taste of bilberry.
  • Wild berries – several tastes are combined at once in this cocktail – raspberry, strawberry, blackberry.
  • Kiwi – exotic of tropical fruit.
  • Amarena – taste of cherry yogurt.
  • Strawberry – taste of strawberry with cream.
  • Chocolate – pronounced taste of milk chocolate.
  • Vanilla – saturated taste and aroma of vanilla.
  • Fior di panna – classical milkshake with creamy ice cream.
  • Water-melon – freshness of a juicy water-melon.
  • Caramel – saturated caramel taste.
  • Rafaello – tenderness of coconut milk.
  • Babl din – unusual cocktail with taste of children's chewing gum.
  • Cappuccino – coffee taste and aroma.