If the guests often order ice cream in your cafe or restaurant, the Italian home-made gelato ice cream can become a highlight of your dessert menu! Delicate, fresh and surprisingly tasty ice cream will be approved by your guests.

In assortment of the TUTTO BENE company are more than 50 grades of gelato:

  • Creamy gelato
    Prepares from natural milk, cream and sugar. Fat content of such ice cream is usually about 9-10%
  • Yogurt gelato
    Prepares from milk with addition of yogurt mix. Easy, dietary, delicate. There is a few fat – only 2-3%
  • Sorbet
    Prepares from pulp of natural fruit and berries. Don't contain some dairy products.
    Fat content 0%

Ice cream is released in plastic buckets producted of the Jokey company, Belarus.
Bucket capacity is 1,5 kg.

The conditions and rules of storage:

For gelato's storage it's necessary to observe temperature condition from -18 to -25 C. The period of storage of production in open form in a show-window at a temperature of -18 degrees makes no more than 10 days. The period of storage in closed form (in buckets) at a temperature of -25 degrees for creamy grades of gelato makes no more than 6 months, for sorbet and yogurt grades – no more than 1 month.

Fine addition to the ice cream are toppings (syrups). It is possible to use them both in cold and in the warmed-up look (to 40 degrees).

We offer the toppings of production of LLC Company Gelato, Moscow, prepared on an original Italian compounding on the basis of natural products – berries, fruit, cocoa, condensed milk etc. 

Cooperation conditions:

The applications for the ice cream are accepted from 8:30 till 17:30 on weekdays by phones: +7 (727) 327-62-92, 395-69-88, +7 (701) 823 5550.
The order is carried out within 24 hours.

Free shipping in Almaty is possible for the orders more than 3 kg of ice cream.

The payment is possible upon delivery by cash or according to the clearing settlement on condition of the conclusion of the Contract of delivery.

The price list to the ice cream, toppings and the accompanying goods.